Glamping Jardin is live!

Finally after months of preparation and years of dreaming our preliminary website is live! Maybe a bit soon because we still have to start building our glamping but it feels right to show you a bit of what Glamping Jardin is going to be!
In these blogs we want to keep you updated about our building process and all the things we are doing and experiencing!

So what’s the plan?

We bought a beautiful 3-acre coffee and banana plantation (finca) just 10 minutes outside Jardín. The coffee part of the finca will be administered by the colombian administrator who is running the finca already for more than 16 years. So we can completely focus on our glamping project.

Although glamping in Colombia is something really luxurious we want to do it differently.
Glamping Jardín will be more like a hostel, with a nice social area, a big communal kitchen and enough space to relax, meet other travelers, play games or watch a movie. That social vibe will be very important for us and everybody should feel welcome and at home.

The 10 beautiful safari tents we bought will be installed on the finca in between of the coffee plants and banana trees. all the tents will have amazing views and enough space. there will be double tents, family tents, or dorms in a shared tent. All comfortable but not crazy luxurious, so don’t expect jacuzzis. You can expect friendly people, great service and a nice breakfast.

What’s the current situation?

Right now we are waiting for the final papers to be signed at the planeación (the municipality’s building department) so we can sign the official deed and the finca is completely ours. In the meantime we are talking to constructors and are finalizing our plans with our architects. We are looking for furniture suppliers and doing a lot of project planning, information collection and reading about the rules and laws in Colombia.
When all the papers are in order we hope to start building in january. First we want to renovate the main house, new roof, new bathroom & kitchen, less walls and e nice second floor with 2 guestrooms. After that we are building the social area with kitchen.
At the same time we will start building the platforms and bathrooms for the tents and hopefully our container with personal stuff and the tents will arrive. If everything goes as planned we hope to open in may 2023!
We are planning to keep you updated trough this blog and our instagram!

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