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Who are we? Jamie & Suzan, dynamic duo, together for more than 17 years and married 11 years ago. And of course our best friend Due, a super nice chocolate lab. We are cheerful, enthusiastic and always up for something new. For years we have been talking about starting our own hostel/b&b/glamping somewhere in the world. During our trip through South America 4 years ago, we fell in love with Colombia. The people, the nature, the culture, it makes us very happy. In April 2022 we left the Netherlands to make a new start in Colombia, not yet knowing where we would end up. While traveling around the country we ended up in Jardín by chance and after that there was no place that could compete. We love the village, the nature and the people and feel completely at home here. From January 2023, we have been working on our own coffee plantation to build our dream. Glamping Jardín. Hope to see you there!


With our small team, we will make your stay as perfect as possible! Don't hesitate to ask us anything! We are always willing to help you!

Jamie van Oost

The silent force of Glamping Jardín. Always welcoming and with an eye for detail. With his years of background as a chef, he's the best at making our guests feel at home.

Suzan van Oost

Enthusiastic, present and always busy. In charge of communication, bookings and reception, she is always there for everyone and you can contact her with any question.


Our best friend and always friendly and happy. Likes to chill, to play with a ball and cuddle. And nothing makes him happier than walking in nature and swimming in rivers!
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For us sustainability is more than getting the name "eco" hotel or hostel because that's not too difficult. We want to build our project with as much as possible eye for the nature and people around us. We are working with local architects, designers and builders to support the people who live in town. We try to choose local materials and sustainable products and try do damage the nature little as possible while building. Our glampings will have showers with water from our natural well so we don't have to use treated drinking water for that. After the building process, we will plant native plants and trees to restore the nature.


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Call us in between 9:00 & 18:00 (GMT-5) If we don't answer we're probably busy making our guests feel at home. Please send us a WhatsApp!


The easiest way to contact us! We will always respond within 12hr.

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